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Queensland Pathways Blueprint

Supporting all Queenslanders to realise their potential as athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers, and to encourage life-long participation.

The Queensland Pathways Blueprint (PDF, 2.8MB) provides an overarching framework for a coordinated and connected approach to developing talent and participation pathways so every Queenslander has the opportunity to reach their potential in their chosen activity.

The Blueprint is an initiative from Activate! Queensland Action Plan 2: Accelerate 2022-2025 which commits to set the direction and tone to enhance the pathway environment in Queensland and identify areas of improvement to ensure practice opportunities and the right supports are delivered.

  • Talent and sport participation pathways allow all Queenslanders to realise their potential as athletes, coaches, official and volunteers.

  • The Queensland Pathways Blueprint drives stakeholder collaboration in the co-design of and investment in solutions across talent and sport participation pathways and the broader active industry so that all Queenslanders are supported to achieve their best as athletes, coaches, officials, administrators or volunteers throughout their lives.

  • Inclusion and lifelong participation

    • Improved quality and diversity of opportunities, access and signposting will support lifelong sport and physical activity participation and enjoyment for all Queenslanders.  Underrepresented groups will be better supported to participate at all levels of activity as athletes and pathways leaders.

    System alignment, collaboration and knowledge sharing

    • Improved coordination, alignment and capability within participation and talent pathways will deliver quality participation and talent pathway experiences for the benefit of individuals and the entire active industry, including by building, sharing and enhancing information, communication and knowledge systems.

    Building quality talent pathways

    • Pathways in Queensland should be participant-centred to ensure the right support is provided at the right time, based on individual ability and ambitions, with targeted outreach for underrepresented groups in the talent pathway vital to support an inclusive, diverse and enhanced talent pool. Queensland’s skilled volunteer and paid coaches and officials play a significant role in talent development with the Blueprint aiming to better attract, support, develop and retain skilled leaders within the talent pathways system.
  • Sports participation pathways in Queensland demonstrate many strengths, including a strong focus on foundational physical literacy and opportunities for junior participation. The Pathways Blueprint outlines strategies to build on and expand these strengths to ensure sport participation and talent pathways in Queensland are safe, inclusive and best practice to support athletes, coaches, volunteers, and other participants.

What happens next?

  • The Queensland Pathways Blueprint Industry Reference Group will continue to provide strategic guidance throughout the implementation of the Blueprint.
  • A dynamic implementation plan has been developed which includes initiatives Sport and Recreation, the Queensland Academy of Sport and the Australian Sports Commission are delivering to support the Blueprint.
  • The dynamic implementation plan will continue to evolve with additional initiatives from stakeholders added.

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Will your organisation commit to action within your own sporting community to help improve the pathway experience and support more athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers in sport?   We encourage you to read, digest and promote the Blueprint with your community and share what you are doing to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of the pathway experience in your sport.

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Queensland Pathways Blueprint Industry Reference Group

The department  thanks the following organisations as members of the Industry Reference Group for their support and strategic guidance in the development of the Queensland Pathways Blueprint.

  • Australian Sports Commission
  • Australian Olympic Committee
  • Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Department of Education
  • QSport
  • Paralympics Australia
  • Sport Inclusion Australia
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Griffith University
  • Outdoors Queensland
  • Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association
  • North Queensland Sports Foundation

Reference group updates

More information

Email for more information on the Queensland Pathways Blueprint project.

Last updated: 30 Nov 2023