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Community sport and recreation clubs survey

Thank you to all those who completed the community sport and recreation clubs surveys (August 2020 and March 2021) to measure the ongoing impacts of the pandemic on our industry. Your feedback allows us to continue to support the sport and recreation community in its recovery.

The August 2020 survey (PDF, 569.5KB) received more than 1,200 responses across 99 sports throughout Queensland.

A follow up survey was conducted in March 2021 to determine if the issues identified in the August survey were ongoing and/or if new issues had emerged. For the second survey, there was a total of 400 responses across 78 activities throughout Queensland.

Key findings

Some of the key insights from the surveys included:

  • Respondents to the August 2020 survey reported that the ability for clubs to generate revenue declined once COVID-19 restrictions were imposed, with more than half of respondents reporting a decrease in participant registrations, and almost 60% reporting impacts to their fundraising activities.
  • However, by March 2021, most clubs had either been able to completely resume all activities (30.05%) or continue most or all activities or alternatives (30.05%).
  • For some organisations, there were surprising benefits associated with the pandemic, including ‘an increase in participation registrations’, ‘a better sense of community’, ‘improved hygiene practices’ and ‘the expansion of their online capabilities’.
  • Clubs reported that since the onset of COVID-19 restrictions, ‘maintenance’ expenses and ‘setting up new ways of operating’ expenses both increased.
  • Respondents identified the following key challenges across each survey period:
    • August survey 2020
      • Health, safety, and hygiene concerns (59%)
      • Administration/administrative load (55%)
      • Obtaining funds (50%)
      • Member retention (48%)
      • Getting new memberships/registration (45%)
    • March survey 2021
      • Obtaining funds (fundraising/sponsorship) (36%)
      • Administration/load (34%)
      • New memberships/registrations (26%)
      • Volunteer recruitment and retention (25%)
      • Health, safety and hygiene (18%)

View our August 2020 summary report (PDF, 80.7KB) (accessible version (DOCX, 17.4KB)) for more information.

What happens next?

The findings from both surveys are assisting government to work together with industry partners, including QSport and Outdoors Queensland, to develop strategies to continue to support the sport and active recreation community in its ongoing recovery.

The insights gained from the information collected in these surveys will inform responses to any future impacts on the sport and recreation industry.

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Last updated: 07 Jul 2022