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First Nations tourism

Unique First Nations tourism offerings are essential to attracting visitors to Queensland so we can grow our industry and create jobs in our regions.

  • Our Indigenous tourism actions

    Queensland boasts diverse Indigenous culture from the mainland and the Torres Strait, giving us an advantage and unique selling point over other states.

  • Growing Indigenous Tourism in Queensland Fund

    The fund developed new and sustainable Indigenous tourism products and experiences to encourage high value travellers to visit Queensland.

  • Our Country Advisory Service

    The service helps businesses establish and grow their tourism products and services.

  • Year of Indigenous Tourism 2020-2021

    The Year of Indigenous Tourism in 2020-2021 gave visitors greater access to Indigenous cultural experiences.

  • Minjerribah Futures

    The transition program of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) from its reliance on sand mining to a leading destination for cultural and eco-tourism.

Last updated: 08 Jun 2022