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Statement of expectations and Statement of intent

The Tourism and Events Queensland Act 2012 (the Act) allows the Minister to outline the government's expectations of Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ), and for the Corporation to respond to the Minister with its plans on how it will achieve the government's strategic goals.

Section 39 of the Act provides that the Minister for Tourism is able to give TEQ a written statement of expectations about the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers. The statement set outs the Minister's expectations for TEQ and may include provisions about the strategic or operational activities to be carried out, TEQ's reporting requirements, and advice on a breakdown of activities to be led by TEQ, and those led by DTIS (respectively).

A statement of expectations is taken to be a written direction under Section 10 of the Act.

The Act requires TEQ to respond to the statement of expectations with a statement of intent (section 40 of Act). This must be provided within 30 days of TEQ receiving the statement of expectations.

Read the Statement of Expectations (PDF, 144.4KB) and Statement of Intent (PDF, 149.5KB).

Last updated: 13 Sep 2022