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Tourism Industry Reference Panel

Reshaping Queensland’s visitor economy to welcome the world

The success of Queensland’s visitor economy plays a key role in the State’s overall economic outlook, and prior to COVID, the livelihoods of more than 234,000 Queenslanders were employed in the tourism industry.

There are clear opportunities ahead of us – the reopening of the world after the pandemic lockdowns, the green and gold runway ahead of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the chance to grow Queensland’s visitor economy.

The Tourism Industry Reference Panel was established in March 2021 to review Queensland’s visitor economy, identify opportunities to accelerate the tourism industry’s recovery, and seek input from industry to help shape and deliver long-term success in the sector.

Through their engagement with Queensland tourism industry, the Panel considered two key scenarios – to maintain 2019 share through to 2032, or to restore and maintain the peak market share through to 2032. This presents a difference of $12 billion in visitor expenditure to Queensland.

While expenditure continues to be the primary measure of success, the Panel recommends a balanced scorecard – so community, environment and customer experience support the economic benefit.

View the panel's Terms of Reference (PDF, 152.2KB)

Towards 2032 - Reshaping Queensland's visitor economy to welcome the world

"Now is our chance to recalibrate and relaunch with fresh goals, catalysed by smart investment: it’s time to be bold or be left behind."

Liz Savage, Panel Chair

Towards 2032 – Reshaping Queensland’s visitor economy to welcome the world

The Tourism Industry Reference Panel’s Final Action Plan (PDF, 18.1MB) signals the start of the next chapter to help future-proof Queensland’s visitor economy in a more positive tale after COVID-19.

The plan outlines key recommendations for the next decade which aligns with Queensland hosting the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A summary of the Action Plan and all recommendations has also been developed.


Interim Queensland Government Response to Final Action Plan

Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery

The Tourism Industry Reference Panel released the Interim Action Plan for Tourism Recovery (PDF, 4.7MB) in October 2021. The Interim Plan detailed what the Panel heard during its months of state-wide consultation and outlined a strategic framework for action now and into the longer term.

The Interim Plan was designed to help restart our industry and make the most of the opportunities Queensland has, as a clean and safe destination, and leading to the 2032 Games - and beyond.

The Interim Plan included recommended actions for immediate implementation.

Panel members

Tourism Industry Reference Panel members were chosen as experts in the visitor economy, based on their past and present industry participation in a broad range of roles: as investors, entrepreneurs and as leaders of corporate and government entities in tourism. Members included:

Liz Savage, Panel Chair, with 25 years’ experience in senior executive and non‑executive Director roles in travel, tourism and hospitality. Liz is a full-time non‑executive Director.

Current directorships include:

  • North Queensland Airports
  • Auckland International Airport (New Zealand)
  • FunLab
  • People Infrastructure
  • Intrepid Travel
  • Madison Technologies.

Brett Godfrey, having had a 25‑year career in the aviation industry, including conceptualising, establishing, and leading Virgin Australia for its first 10 years. Brett is the Founder and Managing Director of TB2 Capital, which owns and manages a portfolio of tourism assets, including Noosa’s Makepeace Island.

Brett’s current interests include:

  • Ownership interests in the Tasmanian Walking Company and the Australian Walking Company
  • Founder and Managing Director of TB2 Capital
  • Chair of Tourism and Events Queensland
  • A Board Member of the Australian Rugby Foundation
  • A Board Director of Rugby Australia.

John O’Neill, a former Managing Director of Tourism New South Wales (NSW) (now Destination NSW), a non‑executive Director of Sydney Convention and Visitors’ Bureau (now Business Events Sydney), and previous Ticketing Communications Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

John’s current interests include:

  • Founder and Managing Director of Komosion, a boutique management consultancy
  • Chairman of Surfing NSW
  • Ambassador for Adopt Change.

Mr Andrew McEvoy, former Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Australia also provided input to the Panel as a special advisor.

The panel has implemented protocols to manage any perceived conflicts of interest in accordance with independent advice sought on the panel’s behalf by the Department of Tourism and Sport.

More information

Email for more information about the work of the Panel or Action Plan for Tourism Recovery.

For all media enquiries, please contact the department's Media Team.

Last updated: 29 Jan 2024