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Headwear monitors brainwaves to improve performance

10 May 2023

Brain sensing headwear that sends out real time performance data is one of the innovative Queensland sports tech inventions being fast-tracked for global success in the SportXccelerating Growth Pilot Program being held at Logan.

The FocusBand headwear sits inside headbands, caps or helmets and provides real time audio and visual feedback to athletes and coaches via a mobile device so they can monitor brainwaves to get athletes more focused, coherent and ‘in flow’.

The brain training system has been developed by Brisbane company Frequency Technologies which is one of five Queensland sports tech companies chosen to be part of the 12-week program at the Logan City Council coLab Growth Hub, kicking off with a two-day bootcamp on 11-12 May.

The program aims to fast-track established businesses that are ready to grow and export, supporting them with a team of experts and entrepreneurs who will help them develop an export plan and make valuable international connections.

The five companies taking part include:

  • Frequency Technologies – wearable brain frequency sensing headwear that provides real-time audio and visual feedback to athletes and coaches
  • Teampay – An app where players can make payments to sporting clubs
  • InspireTek – A platform offering mental health and wellbeing tools and support
  • Chicks Who Ride Bikes – An app that connects female cyclists globally
  • Valor Esports – A game training platform that uses high-performance sports coaching to change the way players practice competitive gaming.

CEO of Frequency Technologies Henry Boulton said FocusBand helps athletes get into a flow state and stay there so they are more relaxed and focused, and is used by more than 3,500 individuals, sports teams, universities and organisations globally.

“We pick up your brain frequency and transmit that via Bluetooth back to your phone and from there we can give you audio and visual feedback.

“We’ve had a lot of success in golf, so Jason Day was the main guy, we’ve got him from 37th to number one in the world and he also won a major in that time.

“We are also working in cricket and motorsport currently here in Australia.

“With the 2032 Games coming up here in Brisbane we really want to help out the individual and team sports have an advantage moving forward with brain technology.

“We’re really excited to be part of the SportXccelerator program, this is a huge opportunity to help us export into the global sports market.”

The SportXccelerating Growth Pilot Program is a new initiative focused on innovative Queensland sports tech companies making an impact in areas like fitness, sports, wellness, sports entertainment, stadiums, live streaming, Esports and gaming.

The program is being funded by the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport ($200,000) and Trade and Investment Queensland ($50,000) in partnership with Logan City Council.

It is part of the Queensland Government’s SportX: 2032 Sport Economy strategy that is being developed, to put Queensland front and centre of an exciting new age of innovation that will help diversify the economy and provide a a winning edge leading into Brisbane 2032.